‘Some Little Lover’ Music Video – University Final Project

For my University Final Project I had to create a music video.

I decided to use the song ‘Some Little Lover’ by Tom Cole. He allowed me to use the song, as well as starred in the video, performing the song.

The process of creating the video went through multiple different processes, of me deciding to try out different editing techniques. I was able to explore what Adobe After Effects had to offer, whilst editing the video on Premiere Pro.

I combined live action performances from Tom, with a point of view perspective story line of someone trying to find their ‘lover’, which are depicted by hearts.

A massive thank you to Tom Cole for being a part of my final project!


Is Social Media a Blessing or a Curse?

Whilst on placement at Latest TV we created news pieces.

The linked video is a piece which I presented about Social Media. I interviewed members of the public in the streets of Brighton on their opinions on the topic.

Latest TV Work Placement

I recently went completed a placement at Latest TV, a local TV station within Brighton. Throughout the time there I was able to watch them create content, as well as create content with groups from my University. I was part of creating 4 news pieces, for Latest TV to use, of which one was actually broadcast that day ( and is linked below).


The above link contains myself interviewing the public about the new election being announced, and to get their reactions to the news as well as getting their view on why it had been announced.

I also worked on other pieces. One was about Tinder and the new age of internet dating, where I worked on sound and edited the piece together with help from another member of the group. The next piece we made was about the election (above). We also created an interview about the Great Escape festival in Brighton, where we interviewed a bar which would be part of the festival, and put it all together with rushes. The final piece we made was about social media and the effects that it is having on teenagers, which I presented once again, and interviewed the public about how they feel about the new age of technology and what effects it is having now, but also what effects there will be in the future.

I am very grateful to Latest TV for allowing me to work within the company to create content, and to learn the ways of the company, it was an extremely educational experience to see how an actual company runs.

Wall-e Alternative Trailer

For my Postproduction Editing and Grading module in my second year of University I had to take the footage from a film and adapt it into an alternative trailer, of a different genre to the original film. I chose to change Wall-e into more of a thriller/action film.

Edited using: Avid Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve

Mind Boggled Promo

I have edited together a promotional video for a magic trick called ‘Mind Boggled’ by Nick Lear. I was sent the video and audio, to be able to edit it together to create this promo. I worked closely with the client to create a promo that they would love, listening closely to their feedback, to get the best possible outcome with what they had provided me with.

Edited using: Final Cut Pro

I also created a video tutorial of how the trick is done, however, that is only available with the purchase of the magic trick (which is currently not released).

Year 13 Music Video

In year 13 at College, we had to make a music video to any song. Me and my friend worked together to create a collage video of college memories, with themes of moving and not forgetting your true home. It was also made as I was moving away from all of my friends, and it was a great way to remember my college years.

Edited using: Adobe Premier Elements

Drama Production

In had to create a Drama film in my first year at university within a group, where we had to make a whole production. My role was First Assistant Director, so I was in charge of most of the paper work, health and safety, organising the shoots, and booking out equipment. I also played the role of script supervisor and kept an eye out for continuity errors.

Year 11 Thriller trailer

In Year 11, I had to create a 2 minute thriller trailer in a group, to go towards my Media Studies GCSE. I was majorly involved with directing, editing and location scouting for the project, as well as starring in it.

Looking back on the project, 4 years later, it is clear that me and my group over used logos to increase the length of the video, to get as close as possible to the needed 2 minutes. However, for my first proper media project, it isn’t the worst thing in the world.